UK Classifieds site hooks up with online dating specialists
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UK Classifieds site hooks up with online dating specialists

11:00am, Thursday 9th August 2007

UK classifieds site and Affiliate Dating Ltd earlier this year announced their joint venture in dating site


The new website, populated by Affiliate Dating’s 120,000 member strong database, will be promoted by on pages within their significant classified advertising offering.


The two South West companies are following in the footsteps of other businesses who are sharing expertise to create new mutually beneficial products. Tom Probst, Managing Director of, suggests that this approach is critical for businesses who want to increase their customer base into markets that would otherwise be difficult to penetrate.


Probst’s opposite number, Alexander Stead, is equally optimistic about the potential of such relationships; “we have the database and they have the marketing ability, this model has been successful for us in the past, I’m confident it will be this time too”.


With a free search option and contact from as little as £11.66 per month is affordable, user-friendly and, as the name suggests, local.


For more information please contact:

Tom Probst


Published by Tomo. Last updated by Matt, on Thursday 9th August, 2007.

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