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12:00am, Wednesday 1st August 2007, a website offering free local classified listings and community focused features celebrates its 1st birthday!

Launched on the 1st August 2006’s first year has been “experimental”, an observation by the web business’s Managing Director Tom Probst: “our first year has been one of the most exciting, challenging and experimental this business will ever face”.

With users raging from buyers to sellers and those who operate community organisations is drawing them in in decent numbers. In recent months’s Alexa ranking has been steadily building to a high of 186,000 and the number of adverts placed shows month on month increases.

Probst is adamant that the classified advert sector can support both newspapers and online solutions but believes that newspapers will have to start to turn towards the internet to keep up with the changing media consumption of readers.

“We have a very stable web business with huge potential, Year 1 was creating that, Year 2 is building on our achievements with traffic & revenue a priority” said an optimistic Probst.

Published by Tomo. Last updated by Tomo, on Thursday 2nd August, 2007.

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