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itsmymarket.com's Fairness Policy

Every now and then itsmymarket.com runs competitions to engage users and to create an element of involvement and fun in the areas we live in. Due to the prizes on offer, it is inevitable that some entrants will attempt gain an unfair advantage by manipulating the ratings to improve their own scores, or lower those of other entrants.

itsmymarket.com takes this activity very seriously. We have implemented various measures to help us to detect and prevent activity that is likely to give some an unfair advantage.

For practical reasons, our reviews take place every few days so the results are not always obvious. From time to time you may see entries with unexpectedly high or low average ratings that go against the general trend perhaps indicating foul play. In such instances please be patient as if activity that is deemed "unfair" is taking place we will do our best to detect and remove these votes during our next review.

Our cheating detection is also largely automated. For this reason, we may make a mistake from time to time. If you find that your user account has been placed under review but you have not been attempting to artificially raise or lower competitors scores, please complete the provided form to request that your user account be fully re-instated. We will get you back to normal as soon as possible.

While ratings do determine the pictures put forward to our panel of judges, the eventual winner is decided by our judges as a further measure to ensure a fair result.

Please note that itsmymarket.com reserves the right to suspend any user account where we have identified improper use of the itsmymarket.com website. We also reserve the right to remove comments and competition entries that do not follow itsmymarket.com's terms of use.

For more information please contact us.

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