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itsmymarket.com Environmental Policy

How Green Are We?

Climate change affects everyone, and itsmymarket.com is committed to helping to preserve our planet for future generations. Here's how buying and selling goods on itsmymarket.com can help you to reduce your impact on the environment:

Reducing Waste

If you sell or buy goods on itsmymarket.com, you'll be recycling them. Many of us throw away things that are in excellent condition and which could be enjoyed by someone else. Using itsmymarket.com instead will help to reduce the 27 million tons of household waste that we currently send to UK landfill sites.

Buying Locally

Buying and selling locally means that you don't have to make long journeys by car to collect items, and goods posted won't need to be taken as far, so this helps to cut down on pollution.

Carbon Offsetting

The electricity that your computer is using while you are reading this will be emitting CO2 (carbon dioxide) into the atmosphere somewhere down the line.

By using the results of some research into the power consumption of an average PC that was carried out by Oxford University, we can calculate the amount of CO2 that your computer is emitting while you're using itsmymarket.com and offset it.

Each tree that we plant will offset around 730kgs of CO2 in its lifetime and in October 2007 we planted 6 trees in the UK, offsetting 4.38 tonnes of CO2.

So using itsmymarket.com to buy and sell things is a great way of being environmentally friendly while making and saving money!

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