Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is is the trading name for Community Ads Online Ltd. is predominantly a local & free classified ads website incorporating other community focused services such as community websites, blogs, competitions, weather forecasts, traffic reports, cinema listings, dating and much more! For more information please contact us.

2. I've logged in before but now I cannot gain access...

Make sure your email address is correct and that you are entering the password you registered with your account. Make sure you are typing in the correct case. If neither of these have solved your problem then click this link and request a new password. if you are still experiencing difficulties then please contact us.

3. I cannot log in for the first time... requires each user to verify their email address, this helps to protect you when on-line. We send you an activation email. If you are a hotmail user then check your "junk inbox", if you are an AOL user then please contact us. If you are none of these and cannot find your activation email in your inbox then please use this link to re-send it:

4. My advert has gone!

Listings and adverts in all areas of are subject to moderation, we may not make you aware if we have removed your advert or listing. All adverts are "live" for the period of time you set when creating it, however, the default is 90 days. Check your adverts in your "Your Account", accessible via a link top right of any page and select the "Your classified ads" option, check that your advert is "active", you can change the status by clicking the blue link in the status column and selecting the appropriate status category.

We will send you a couple of reminders during the period that your advert is active. We will also inform you when your ad is about to expire.

Make sure you are checking the correct category. Try searching for your advert.

5. My Advert/Listing hasn't appeared yet...

To keep safe adverts may be subjected to moderation. This is often the cause of the delay, we apologise and intend to get your advert or listing "live" as quickly as possible.

6. Scamming - I'm worried about it!

We have created a section dedicated to scamming. It provides advice on the common tactics that scammers use and how you can safeguard yourself against them. View's advice about scamming. CONCERNED? DON'T PROCEED! - please contact us.

7. Forgotten to write something down in your ad, event or news story?

Don't worry, log into your "My Account", which can be accessed top right of any page, and click on the Manage Adverts button. You can then edit any of your adverts and save the changes. You can also edit your advert when you're looking at it, just click the "Change/update listing" link located in the advert info box.

8. I cannot rate a competition entry.

You must be both registered and logged in to be able to rate a competition entry.

9. I'm worried about some of the votes on my competition entry, I think somebody is cheating! takes matters relating to foul play very seriously. Please read our fairness policy for more information.

10. How do I advertise on has a comprehensive advertising offering that can be tailored to your needs and budgets, this includes banner advertising. For more information please contact us.

11. I have a classified advert on, whats that 070 number for? takes your privacy seriously and inline with our privacy policy we have developed a method of "hiding" your telephone numbers from being publicly available online. We allocate your advert with a unique telephone number that redirects the caller to the numbers you entered when creating it, if there's no answer at the first number then it calls the second.

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Tom Probst, Project Manager,

Tom Probst
Managing Director

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