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Toughen Up

EN1, Greater London

About this Listing

Toughen Up tailors each of your fitness training workouts to make your body adapt to the exercise activities so you can attain your goals.
Everyones body is unique, your genetics, health/ fitness history, injuries, etc.
At Toughen Up we tailor each of your health and fitness workouts to your bodies particular requirements using varied and challenging programmes.
Each personal training or group exercise class client has a specific goal, and usually more than one in mind. Different fitness goals require different exercise workouts.
At Toughen Up whether you take part in group or one-to-one classes our instructors endeavour to balance your bodies muscles during each and every workout, while still focusing on improving your general health and fitness.


You have nothing to lose but excess fat and you will unleash a new vital you.
Don't wait for tomorrow. Start Now!

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Location: EN1, Greater London

Price: £1.00

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