Mini Professors Science Classes Newbury
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Mini Professors Science Classes Newbury

RG14, Berkshire

About this Listing

Days: Monday, Thursdays (coming soon)

Times: 9.45am, 10.45am, 2pm, 3.10pm, 4.20pm

The Mini Professors programme is written specifically for children aged 2-5 years old and is a fun and interactive introduction to the science that is all around us in everyday life. Covering 80 topics our Mini Professors can enjoy a weekly science adventure, going from rainforests to deserts and even into space. Marvel at bubbles, electricity, magnets and much more. With hands on experiments, a story and bespoke video, these unique and innovative classes promote turn taking, following instructions, encouraging language development and handling equipment.

Classes are booked in 10 week terms (£65) , with a 3 week trial available (£12) for new customers.


Listing Summary

Location: RG14, Berkshire

Date: 20th Nov. 2017

Price: £6.50

Venue: Eddie Catz Newbury, Northway House, York Road, RG14 7NF

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