Advertise your Commercial Properties with NO Subscription FEES (Liverpool Area)
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Advertise your Commercial Properties with NO Subscription FEES (Liverpool Area)

Liverpool, Merseyside

About this Listing

!! Attention Commercial Property Owners in Liverpool !!

Commercial Property Broker is a Property Portal and Broker, we work with Business Centres and Commercial Agents such as you.

How it Works.

* CPB is a property marketing portal - we provide further free exposure for your buildings.
* CPB is not an Agent - we provide qualified enquiries to you for your buildings.
* You will deal with the enquirer directly once we have passed on the qualified enquiry.
* CPB has no contact with your landlords.
* Our marketing is FREE - we only charge an agreed fee once a deal has been agreed and secured.

Please feel free to look at our website at and follow us on social media, you can also subscribe to our mailing list for our property updates and blogs.

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Listing Summary

Location: Liverpool, Merseyside

Price: £1.00

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