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What do you call....

Blog: Pasty Muncher
Posted by: Kim Mutton
Friday 9th March 2007, 2:13pm

.....a pasty muncher with a rabbit up his backside?


Which brings me seemlessly onto my latest tasting....brushes crumbs from lips.

Several folk have added comments to this humble space suggesting I try Warrens bakery for its offering of regional delights. I am grateful for all feedback especially if it points me towards a worthwhile pasty.

Warrens Large Cornish Pasty

It was served scalding hot - I had to juggle it from hand to hand in the paper bag and burnt my tongue during scoffing. The Large Cornish felt solid and had a good thick rim to hold. The filling had a fine creamy texture and was well seasoned. On close inspection the question had to be asked \"where's the meat\"?

Its odd that most packaged food has detailed breakdown of the ingredients and nutritional content but take away food seems to have no such requirement.

My pasty was bursting with small cubes of white spud and flecks of orange (swede I hope) along with occasional slivers of translucent pinkish brown gel. It tasted bloomin' great and I can only assume that the veg is cooked in strong stock because the flavour certainly wasn't as a result of the meat content.

Now I'm in a dilemma. In an earlier posting I berated Trago Mills for purveying nasty pasties yet I'm told that Warrens are the pasty provider of choice to Trago. I'll have to verify this yay another weekend visit. Maybe Warrens send there \"sloppy seconds\" there and the general ambience does little to help the enjoyment.

Warrens, Queen St, Exeter and Trago Mills, Newton Abbot (to be confirmed)

happy munching

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