Guardian Double Standards Ohh Betty
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Guardian Double Standards Ohh Betty

Blog: Pasty Muncher
Posted by: Kim Mutton
Wednesday 26th August 2009, 5:29pm
Last edited 26/08/2009 5:29pm by Kim Mutton

Climate Camps are being set up, The Guardian readership are up in arms...chatter about climate change

I appreciate why the Guardian hosts articles like Mr Monbiot's - they're selling eyeballs to advertisers - but why does Mr Monbiot writing an article for a newspaper and website that encourages global warming by advertising cars and air flights and foreign holidays?

Is the Guardian exempt from its climate change responsibilities?

My Actions for Climate Change

I've replaced the light bulbs with the low energy variety.

I now recycle everything (though have to undertake a 15 mile carbom emitting round trip to nearest recycling point - quite regularly as storage of my recycling is an issue).

I'm very proud of my 8\"'s of insulation in the loft.

Everything is switched off at the wall when not in use.

Am working hard at using less oil for heating - have a blanket over back of the couch ready for use when shivering occurs (lord knows how we'll fair in winter).

Work dictates the amount of petrol we use so can do nothing to reduce that (no public transport available I'm afraid) -have to work, bills to pay.

If finances allow, hope to install a better wood burning stove to provide some of the heating - can't afford geothermal, sorry.

Can't afford a wind turbine or solar panels either.

I imagine my lifesyle is pretty representative of the majority so what more can we (joe public) do to save the planet?

Climate change

What use are the threats of climate change catastrophe to us? If you want to get us on board please offer some sensible workable solutions and stop blaming us, the public, the consumer. We're not to blame for this mess.

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