Poppy's Birthday Party
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Poppy's Birthday Party

Blog: Norfolk Single Dad
Posted by: Eddie2sox
Sunday 6th January 2008, 8:45pm

What a great afternoon! Sam had an invite to his good friend Poopy's birthday party!

It's been a slightly different weekend, access-wise. Usually Sam is here all day on a Saturday to 6 at night. This week however Sam was required at a cousin's birthday party (Mummy's side of the family) on Saturday afternoon. It coincided with Poppy's party on the Sunday - and as "Daddy does birthday parties" (I love 'em) Sam went back to Mummy's on Saturday dinner time, and I collected him on Sunday dinner time for the party and some serious Sam n Dad time.

It was a fabtastic time. We wrapped up Poppy's pressie together, and Sam wrote in the card, and on the envelope. We then chilled out with a little bit of Scrapheap Challenge while playing Batman versus the Joker with Sam's Lego. Then off to the do!

It was in a village hall, and it one of the very best birthday parties Sam has been to. Great fun from start to finish. The magician was awesome, and kept the 26 - yes TWENTY SIX - little people captivated throughout his act. No mean feat! The food was deliciously home-made and everyone seemed to tuck in heartily, and messily (de rigeur dahling). After the food there were games like Musical Bumps, Pass The Parcel etc, and some dancing songs such as Hokey Cokey, If You're Happy And You Know It etc. And after that playtime until hometime. The children had a stupendous amount of fun, and Sam really liked seeing some of his old nursery friends again.

He starts school FULL TIME tomorrow. Have fun Sam, Daddy luvs ya!

Sam came away with a lovely party bag, a balloon, and a Spiderman torch! Lucky boy. I also met lots of the mummies and daddies from the "party scene" who I haven't seen for ages and that was lovely too, made me feel all....."awwwww, we're ace parents us lot!". It's going to be sad that we may not ever meet again now that our little ones are starting school - different schools for the most part. Shame.

Back home and Sam was obviously tired! As I got tea together, he just slobbed on the settee and browsed his latest Lego catalogue, which arrived yesterday. Tea ready! I'd sold it to Sam as very smooth chicken meat.....would he go for it? Damn right he did! He wolfed down his Quorn curry as if it was the first food he'd eaten for two weeks.

Bathtime followed and a right good splashing time was had by all. Daddy's Baddies had written a rude message on the side of the bath with Sam's bath crayons....."Goodies Stink"....implying that they keep themselves clean and smell horribly of soap. Anathema to the unwashed hordes of bad guys.

All too soon, once again, it was "shoes" time. It still feels really contradictory to me to build up something to Sam that I absolutely hate....i.e. him going back to Mummy's. So much so today that I had a massive blub in the car on the way home, and a bit when I got home too. Haven't done that for quite a while.

Soon be Tuesday.

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