Appalling Service @ Mitsubishi WSM
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Appalling Service @ Mitsubishi WSM

Having had my car for just over a year and running without any problems I decided I best get it serviced to hopefully ensure it kepting going happily. Unfortunately due to Mitsubishi that wasn't the case!

19th May 2008



May 2008

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Appalling Service @ Mitsubishi WSM

Blog: Appalling service @ Mitsubishi WSM
Posted by: andiparsons29
Monday 19th May 2008, 3:39pm
Last edited 19/05/2008 3:39pm by andiparsons29

Having had my car for just over a year and running without any problems I decided I best get it serviced to hopefully ensure it kepting going happily. Unfortunately due to Mitsubishi that wasn't the case!

I have a Ford Puma and booked it in for a full service and coolant/anti freeze drain, flush and refill. You might ask why take a Ford to Mitsubishi - simply because they did me a good price and I wrongly thought being a big national dealership they would provide a good service and at a high standard!

Whilst having the work done they rang to say the Heater Control Valve was leaking slightly and needs replacing (baring in mind i've never had any problems with the heater and never had to put any water in the car in over a year!) any way it wasn't much so I said sure go ahead.

So I picked the car up at the end of the day having had all the work completed. They said as the coolant had been replaced it would have air locks and would need topping up in a few days - which I did no problem. However after driving for a couple of days I noticed that something wasn't right with the heating. It seemed to work at first and then almost run out after the engine got hot, and if I was on the motorway forget it! Once the heat went it didn't come back, but would blow cold quite happily.

Obviously I went straight back to Mitsubishi who said there was still some air in the system which they sorted and it was all fine. However within 15 minutes of leaving the garage I realised it wasn't as the heat disappeared again. Next morning back to Mitsubishi. They said they would have a look, but didn't think it was anything to do with what they had done!!!!!!I received a phone call later to say they had looked at it and were confident it wasn't related to the work they had carried out! After arguing for over half an hour the fact that the heating worked fine for over a year and then they replaced a part directly related to it - they finally agreed they would try another part. A few hours later I am told the car is ready, but still the heating isn't working - but it is definitely nothing to do with what they did and now being questioned as to whether it ever actually worked, basically calling me a liar!! I don't believe they actually tried a second part.

I decided I wasn't getting anywhere with the minions at the counter or the service manager, so I went straight to the Dealer Principle (overall site boss). She finally agreed that they would pay for it to go into Ford to be diagnosed and the service manager would call me.A week later and I heard nothing! So I called them and asked what was happening (nothing they hoped!) Finally got it booked into Ford. Went to them and firstly they thought it was a big air lock in the heater matrix, but that didn't fix it. They had the car back and found that the actual part fitted by Mitsubishi was faulty!!!! Possibly damaged in fitting!!

Now thanks to a lot of arguing, standing my ground, determination and the guys at Ford its fixed and working normally again. I think the bill Mitsubishi will receive from Ford will actually be more than the total I spent with them which is one good thing!I would encourage everyone to avoid Mitsubishi if you want decent work carried out on your car and a honest service. They seem to cause more problems than they solve and deal with them in an appalling manner.

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